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What’s it about?
Eragon was born with more then just an exceptional name. He assumes he will never do anything but farm and start a family, nothing like his namesake the first dragon rider of the kingdom of Alagaesia. It turns out though that he more then lives up to his heritage and his namesake when he happens across the first dragon egg found in a century. Spurred on by tragedy, he leaves everything familiar with his dragon, hatched from the egg he found, Sapphira. Thus the first dragon rider in a hundred years travels all over the country, pursuing an elusive enemy to avenge those tragic events that have changed Eragon’s life forever. However, when he accomplishes his goal, will he then work to overthrow the evil that has had control of Alagaesia since the end of the dragon riders? Or will the great personal cost dissuade him from pursuing his destiny? Will Eragon run from his destiny or embrace it.

Emma’s Thoughts:
-The author Christopher Paolini was home schooled, and first published Eragon at 15 years old!
-The author based the herbalist, Angela, on his little sister.

Good things:
-In the “About” I mentioned that Eragon has a choice, a sacrfice, between what would be easiest and safest for him, or what would help other people, and (Spoiler Alert) he chooses to take the first step in saving the kingdom.

-There are some really violent and heavy scenes. I highly recommend that readers be over 14.
-In later books of this series there is other more adult content that may not be appropriate for younger readers.

eScore (?)

eAge (?)
15+ (amz. age: 12 and up )
Fiction, Dragons, Adventure, Fantasy, Friendship
Christopher Paolini
Alfred A. Knopf (June 25, 2003)
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