Jane Eyre

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What’s it about?
Charlotte Bronte’s first published book revolves around young, sensible and smart Jane Eyre. After spending her deprived childhood in a poor and filthy orphanage, Jane decides it’s time to take charge of her life and work her way up out of poverty. Soon, she finds a job as a governess for a young girl at an old estate called Thornfield Hall. However, young Jane, much to her horror, soon discovers a complicated mystery that haunts the dark manor. Astonishingly, she also finds herself in love with the rich owner of Thornfield Hall, Mr. Rochester, a man with many dark secrets. Despite his love for her, his secrets may prevent Jane Eyre’s happily ever after.

Emma’s Thoughts:
-Interesting Fact: Charlotte Bronte’s sisters were writers also, including Emily Bronte, authoress of the Gothic classic “Wuthering Heights”

Good things:
-Though he may seem rather selfish and arrogant at first, in the end Mr. Rochester performs an incredible act of selflessness, which results in serious consequences to himself
-Jane is a smart and sensible heroine, a good down-to earth role-model.

Jane Eyre, though it’s a romance, is on the darker side, with a gloomy setting as well as dark storyline.
– *SPOILER ALERT* It turns out that Mr. Rochester’s secret is that he has an insane wife living in another part of the great manor. In the end she starts a fire and jumps off the roof, thus killing herself. On a more redemptive note, though she is the cause of all his problems, Mr. Rochester risks his life to save his insane wife. In the end he fails, his actions are still a great example of selflessness and bravery.

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Fiction, Historical Fiction, Classics, Romance
Charlotte Bronte
October 16, 1847
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