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What’s it about?
Neela’s dream is to become a famous musician, playing a beautiful Indian instrument, the Veena, in front of millions of people! ! There are only two problems. First, she is very shy, and second she uses her teacher’s old broken Veena. That all changes when her grandmother sends her a wonderful gift: Neela’s very own, one hundred year old Veena. Not only that, but the first Guru original! Neela is ecstatic about such a priceless gift and wants to keep it safe and in perfect condition. Even so, a couple of months later the Veena is stolen! Only then does Neela find out about the rumored “curse” on the Veena, saying that it will always disappear from the owner. Despite everyone telling her that she is better off without it, Neela is determined to get to the bottom of the mystery and the curse.

Emma’s Thoughts:
-I had no Idea what a Veena until I started reading this book vanished. I learned a lot about them from reading this! They are a very interesting instrument!

Good things:
-There was a message of forgiveness and redemption.

-Sadly, the book does have some unlovely language, a couple swear words.
-Neela’s mother is very superstitious.

eScore (?)

eAge (?)
10+ (amz. age: 8-12)
Fiction, Friendship, Mystery
Sheela Chari
Disney-Hyperion (July 26, 2011)
How can I get it?

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