What’s it about?
Emma, the book loving nerd; Megan, the popular fashionista; Cassidy, the hockey-playing tomboy; and Jess, the shy singer seem to have nothing in common. When their mothers’ decide to start a “Mother Daughter Book Club” all the girls decide its a bad idea. Emma and Jess want nothing to do with Megan, who always has something nasty to say about Emma’s hand-me-down clothes. Cassidy could care less. She is still dealing with her father’s death and trying to deal with her mother, the former super model. Then there’s Megan, who would much rather shop then hang out with the other three girls. However, the girls begin to bond as they read through “Little Women”. Just as the March girls go through fights, romance, deaths, and triumphs, the girls (and mothers) of The Mother Daughter Book Club go through their own trials and triumphs!

Emma’s Thoughts:
-So far, there are six other books in this series, though I hope the author will write more.
-In case your were wondering who is on the cover, as I did, it’s Jess :)

Good things:
-Despite their differences, the girls become friends and forgive old hurts.
-The author shows throughout the book the importance of mothers in young women’s lives. The book describes the sad reality of broken relationships between girls and their moms, but also how those relationships can be healed.

-There are some crushes (so annoying)!
-Cassidy is very rude to her mother at times.

eScore (?)
eAge (?)
9+ Amz. Age: (9-12)
Fiction, Friendship, and Humor
Heather Vogel Fredrick
Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers (April 24, 2007)
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