Half Upon a Time

January 10, 2017 · 0 comments

What’s it about?
Jack is an ordinary boy in an extrodinary world, and he’s perfectly ok with that. The problem? Nobody else is. Coming from a long line of adventuring “Jacks” he is expected to kill giants and save maidens like his father, grandfather, great-grandfather etc. Jack grudgingly trains to do just that, and fails horribly, only wishing he could have a quiet dull life with absolutely no saving princesses and all that silly nonsense. That is, until he meets a princess from a strange land without magic. The mysterious Princess May, with her odd clothing and skills in sarcasm that rival his own. Together they need to save the most important person in history, or else May will be stuck in Jack’s world forever, and Jack will never get the peace and quiet of the adventure free life he longs for.

Emma’s Thoughts:
-Although this book may look like another predictable fairy tale retelling in a world full of magic, I was very pleasantly surprised when I read it. I actually really enjoyed it! The pace and humor kept me drawn in, and I am very excited to read the next book and return to the wonderful cast of characters!

Good things:
-The three main characters; Jack, May and Philip are all very different, and sometimes don’t get along. But fate or destiny has stuck them together, and you can see their friendship and loyalty grow throughout the book, until they become a devoted team… even if they have a silly argument once in a while 😉

-When Jack first sees May, she is asleep, and his meddlesome grandfather convinces him to kiss her, assuming she must be under a sleeping curse.
-May uses the Lord’s name in vain multiple times
-If you find any alerts, please leave a comment below!

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10+ (Amz. Age: 8 – 12)
Fiction, Humor, Adventure, Medieval, Princesses, Fairy-tale, Fantasy
James Riley
Aladdin (September 7, 2010)
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