What’s it about?
Princess Rose is cursed. Every night she and her twelve younger sisters disappear without a trace and reappear the next morning with worn-out dancing slippers. For Rose, all hope of being saved from the curse that enslaves her and her sisters seems lost. However, after dozens of strong princes fail to break the curse, could it be young Galen, the palace gardener who is the key? Spurred on by love and with the help of his wit and a couple of magical items, Galen may have a chance at freeing the princesses. As he does, he may also win the heart and hand of his true love.

Emma’s Thoughts:
-Jessica Day George is one of my favorite authors!
-Princess of the Midnight Ball is the first of three books, all based on well known fairy-tales.

Good things:
-It is encouraging to see how all of the sisters look after each other. Even in the most dangerous situations they are always taking care of one another. The older sisters, especially Rose and Lily, are often very selfless in caring for the younger girls.

-Princess of the Midnight Ball is a good bit darker then most of Jessica Day George’s other books.
-*SPOILER ALERT* All of the sisters, even the young ones, are forced into an engagement to The King Under Stone’s twelve cruel half-monster sons.

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12+ (amz age: 12 – 17)
Fiction, Mystery, Dancing, Fairy-Tale, Family, Fantasy, Medieval, Princesses
Jessica Day George
Bloomsbury USA Childrens (January 8, 2008)
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