The Silver Chair

September 18, 2017 · 0 comments

What’s it about?
The Pevensies have finished their adventures in Narnia, but for their younger cousin Eustace, it has only just begun! Trying to survive a horrid boarding school, Eustace would much rather be adventuring in Narnia than avoiding bullies. His prayer is answered when Eustace and Jill Pole, a girl from school, are unexpectedly whisked away to a mysterious mountain top in another world. Through a strange chain of events the pair find themselves on a dangerous and unpleasant journey to save the prince of Narnia, the son of Eustace’s old friend King Caspian. But as they face problem after problem aided only by a very pessimistic but loyal Marshwiggle, things don’t go exactly to plan, and their mission may be a lot harder than they had hoped.

Emma’s Thoughts:
-I grew up reading the Chronicles of Narnia, and they have had a great impact on my life as a follower of Christ, my imagination, and my love of reading. I definitely recommend reading them, whatever age you are!

Good things:
-Just like the previous Narnia books, Lewis beautifully wove his Christian views into The Silver Chair. There are many biblical teachings, and good advice from all sides in the sixth book of the renowned Chronicles of Narnia series.
-Jill and Eustace, but especially Jill, learn some important lessons, and grow a lot during this book. Jill starts off almost killing Eustace because of her pride, but throughout the story, by Aslan’s guidance, she matures, becomes more level headed, and would give her life for her friends by the end of the book.

-There are a couple times it might be a little creepy or scary for younger kids, and a good part of the book takes place underground in dark caves filled with strange creatures. Even above ground the characters are faced with giants bent on having human for dinner.
-If you find any other alerts, please leave a comment below!

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8+ (Amz. Age: 8 and up)
Fiction, Classics, Adventure, Friendship, Fairy-tale, Fantasy, Medieval
C.S. Lewis
September 7, 1953
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