The Wishing Spell

July 27, 2015 · 0 comments

This review is by a guest blogger, my sister Lily! -Emma

What’s it about?
Alex and Conner Bailey lead relatively normal lives with their parents and doting grandmother, until everything changes. Their father dies in a car accident, their grandmother disappears on another of her long trips and the cherished family fairytale storybook begins glowing. Suddenly, they are thrown headlong (literally) into a world where all of the stories are real! Living in that world is more perilous than they would ever have expected. They must race against time to collect items to enact the wishing spell, the only thing that can return them home. It seems though that someone else is trying to collect those items also, someone with much more power and many more resources. Can they beat the notorious Evil Queen to the items, or will they be stuck in the fairytale world forever?

Emma’s Thoughts:
-It was very exciting, with a very interesting plotline.

Good things:
-The author showed a very loving and caring brother-sister relationship. These siblings look out for and protect each other. Also, their father was always telling them stories that contained moral messages.

-Unfortunately, a crude word is used once (p***).
-Molly’s father was abusive to all of his many children and locked his wife up all her life claiming she was insane.

eScore (?)
eAge (?)
10+ (Amz Age: 8+)
Fiction, Fantasy, Adventure, Fairy-Tale, Family, Humor, Medieval, Princesses
Chris Colfer
Little, Brown Books for Young Readers; 1 edition (July 17, 2012)
How can I get it?


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