What’s it about?
Walk away with a million dollars or begin a life threatening race to find a set of clues to possibly win an even greater but unknown prize? If most people were in Amy and Dan Cahill’s place, they would snatch the chance to change their miserable lives as a couple of orphans, being barely provided for by their greedy aunt. Instead they decide to use their skills to enter the race, just as their grandmother had hoped before she died. However, finding one clue, let alone 39, is difficult- especially when there are ruthless relatives at every turn! Unlike their competitors, Amy and Dan don’t have money, power, or training. But, they do have each other.

Emma’s Thoughts:
-Its really cool; this series was written by a group of authors, taking turns writing them. The first was written by Rick Riorden, of Percy Jackson fame (check out my review of his book).
-There are clues for the reader hidden in the pages of the book. So far, my younger sister has deciphered the one from the first book. If any of you figure out the clues from the following books, I would love to hear about it in the comments!

Good things:
-Even though Amy and Dan fight a lot, they are a great team, and love and look out for each other.

-As I mentioned in “Good Things” Amy and Dan fight frequently, often calling each other names.
-Even though all of the contestants are related, most are be cruel or deceiving, and will do anything it takes to achieve the next clue (Amy and Dan aren’t’ like this though).

eScore (?)

eAge (?)
10+ Amz. Age: (8-12)
Fiction, Adventure, Humor, Family, and Mystery
Rick Riorden
Scholastic Press; 1st edition (September 9, 2008)
How can I get it?

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