What’s it about?
Darkness. Suffering. Hunger. That is all Estrella, a young filly, has ever known. She has never seen the sky, or stars, or anything other then her fellow horses and the dank belly of the ship she was born in. But when the rocking of the boat is stilled by a becalmed sea, the naive filly is put to the test. Most of the horses are forced overboard in order to quicken the pace of the ship. Estrella and her mother, along with the rest of the herd strive to make it to land, but only five survive. After witnessing her mother being killed by a shark, Estrella is determined to lead the group of bedraggled horses to a place her mother told her of, the land of their ancient ancestors. Can a young filly lead a herd that has no experience surviving in the wild?

Emma’s Thoughts:
-The second book in the series comes out January 6, 2015
-Most of Kathryn Lasky’s animal books take place in fictional lands. However, in Horses of the Dawn as can be seen on the map in the beginning of the book, this book takes place in Mexico!

Good things:
-The herd always look out for each other and they have built their relationships on trust. They are a dedicated team and loyal family.

-I know that there are some differences in opinion about the theory of evolution, this book talks about evolution and how the horses evolved. This might be a good opportunity to talk to your parents about what they believe.
-The coyotes are portrayed to be magical, in a slightly demonic way. They take the forms of different things and lure other animals to their deaths. They might be disturbing for some younger readers.

eScore (?)

eAge (?)
11+ (amz. age: 8-12)
Fiction, Adventure, Animals
Kathryn Lasky
Scholastic Press (January 7, 2014)
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