Sparrow Road

August 21, 2014 · 0 comments

What’s it about?
Raine O’Rourke’s life is about to take an important turn. Her mother unexpectedly announces that she and Raine are going to spend the summer in the country at a big, old mansion! She asks herself why her mother would make such a seemingly random decision. Raine is perfectly happy living in Milwaukee with her mother and grandfather. Despite her misgivings, she soon finds herself living in a cottage next to a mysterious old orphanage on Sparrow Road. Just as Raine suspected, a “break from the city” is not the real reason that they have come to Sparrow Road. This summer at the old orphanage, filled with dreaming, wishing, revelations and love, will become a treasured memory for her in for years to come.

Emma’s Thoughts:
-As an artist, I really loved all the artsy elements that were woven into the story, since the Sparrow Road orphanage is a retreat for artists and writers.

Good things:
-There is a strong theme of forgiveness throughout the book.
-Sheila O’conner creates quite a few unique and memorable characters.

-Raine’s father’s parents were never married.
-Also her father was an alcoholic, though he tries to redeem himself, repair his relationships and he does stop drinking.

eScore (?)

eAge (?)
12+ (amz. age: 10+)
Fiction, Family, Friendship
Sheila O’Connor
Putnam Juvenile (May 12, 2011)
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