What’s it about?
Alice is a curious girl who “gives herself very good advice, but seldom ever follows it.” One day she falls asleep and is whisked away to a strange dream world called “Wonderland” where everything is inside out and upside down and everyone is mad. The reader follows Alice’s many adventures in Wonderland beginning with finding the white rabbit, talking with the strange cheshire cat and even dealing with the flighty queen of hearts. Every chapter is filled with adventures that are comical, confusing, and intriguing.

Emma’s Thoughts:
-There is a sequel by Lewis Carroll entitled “Through the Looking Glass” which I have not read yet, but hope to.

Good things:
-Though at times confusing, I found parts of the book extremely humorous!
-Throughout all the confusion, Alice tries to bring order to the orderless, as well as help wherever she can. She is always polite even when she is talking to a bodiless cat or conversing with a talking set of cards. Personally, I liked how Alice handles all of the crazy situations she finds herself in.

-Some situations in the book are so bizarre that they might be a little bit disturbing for some readers.
-If you find any more alerts please let me know in the comments!

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Fiction, Adventure, Classics, and Fantasy
Lewis Carroll
First published in 1865
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