Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow

November 23, 2015 · 1 comment

What’s it about?
Pika. That’s what The Lass has been called all her life. Pika; which simply means ‘girl’. Frowned on by her mother for not being born a boy- The Lass’s only consolation as she grows up in the cold and hardship of the northern lands are the animals who she can talk to and her mysterious but loving older brother Hans Peter. That is, until she makes a deal with an enchanted bear and is swept off to a palace made of ice, filled with riches, strange creatures, and secrets. Determined to unravel the web of mystery and save the bear she’s become so fond of, The Lass must risk everything and eventually finds herself faced with her biggest challenge yet: The castle east of the moon, west of the sun and what is waiting inside.

Emma’s Thoughts:
-One of my favorite book series is The Dragon Slippers trilogy, by Jessica Day George. So, of course I was very excited to read another book by this amazing author- and I was not disappointed!
-I thought it was interesting that Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow was based on a fairytale called “East of the Sun, West of the Moon”. The story also really reminded me of Beauty and the Beast.

Good things:
-I love how in most of Jessica Day George’s books, she creates an imaginary land, that is based on a real one. She does a lot of research on that culture and you can certainly see it in her books. This book takes place in a kind of Norwegian land. It was very interesting reading about the life-style, language and especially clothes that were used a long time ago in that kind of culture.

-*SPOILER ALERT* Part of the fairytale is that to break the prince from his enchantment every night for a year he must sleep in the same bed of the girl he brought to the ice palace. Nothing inappropriate happens, only that the lass is aware that someone gets into the other side of her bed each night while she’s staying at the enchanted palace. She tells her sister, who immediately fears the worst and advises the Lass to reveal who this intruder is.
-The trolls are crude and revolting, with mentions of them wearing low-cut dresses that show off cleavage.

eScore (?)
eAge (?)
12+ (Amz. Age: 12 and up)
Fiction, Romance, Adventure, Fairy-Tale, Fantasy, Medieval, Mystery, Princesses
Jessica Day George
Bloomsbury USA Childrens; New edition (December 10, 2013)
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