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This review is by a guest blogger, my sister Lily! -Emma

What’s it about?
In Dimwood forest there is a fierce ruler, Mr. Ocax, who protects the mice from the extremely dangerous porcupines…or so they think. When young poppy and her love, Ragweed, disobey the rules and cross the border, it makes them the perfect target for hungry Mr. Ocax. Poppy loses Ragweed to the owl’s talons, and barely manages to escape with her life. When Poppy uncovers the truth about Mr. Ocax, havoc breaks out. Poppy, with the help of Ereth the porcupine, must bring back freedom to the mice of Dimwood forest.

Lily’s Thoughts:
-Poppy is the debut in a 6 book series that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Good things:
-I found it surprisingly exciting for a book about mice, it really drew me in!

-Ragweed dies in the first chapter and later on poppy finds the pellet with his remains in it.
-If you find any more alerts please leave a comment!

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8+ Amz. Age: (8+)
Animals, Adventure, Fiction, Friendship, and Humor
HarperCollins; Reissue edition (April 12, 2005)
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