Sense and Sensibility

December 2, 2015 · 1 comment

What’s it about?
Sense and Sensibility is the story of two sisters that are vastly different from one another. The only thing the Dashwood sisters share is a steadfast love and devotion to each other. As their small family slowly descends into poverty, Elinor, the reserved and sensible oldest, struggles to keep her dreamy and flighty mother and younger sister Marianne afloat. When they have finally settled into a quaint and affordable cottage all seems well on the outside, but both Elinor and Marianne struggle with heartbreak. After being jilted by a scoundrel she had unwisely fallen for, the always theatrical Marianne begins to waste away, consumed by grief. Meanwhile, trying to comfort her sister, Elinor deals with similar heartbreak, in secret. In desperation to forget their pain, they both travel to London. As it turns out that might be the one place where they are forced to confront their former lovers and realize that true love requires both sense and sensibility and is sometimes found in unexpected places…

Emma’s Thoughts:
-The 1995 movie adaptation is very good, I recommend watching it!

Good things:
-Elinor and Marianne show an admirable example of sisterhood. They both love and trust each other and share almost everything with each other.
-Though she has her own flaws, Elinor is a great model for young women. She is selfless, kind and always tries to preserve other people’s feelings.

-Though there are multiple sub-plots, as with all of Jane Austen’s novels the main theme is love. The focus of the novel is romance and does illustrate the consequences that young women (and young men) can suffer when they give their hearts away to someone who is not worthy.
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