What’s it about?
One moment Sophie foster is a (relatively) normal kid living a normal life with a normal family, and the next she is swept away to another dimension filled with beautiful lands, thriving cities and (relatively) delightful people with fantastic magic abilities. She always knew she didn’t quite fit in as a normal american teenager, and when she discovers her true heritage as an elf, Sophie finally hopes she can fit in with the others of her kind. But as she discovers breathtaking talent within her, and how little she really knows about this new land, she is torn between two worlds, neither of which she quite fits in. Along with astounding revelations, she is barraged with questions and expectations that she can’t seem to meet. Sophie realizes that there may have been a reason she was born into the world of humans, either to bring the elven and human world together… or destroy them.

Emma’s Thoughts:
-Mesh Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Alice in Wonderland and The Chronicles of Narnia, and you have Keeper of the Lost Cities!

Good things:
Keeper of the Lost Cities is one of my favorite books I’ve read this year! It’s a pretty easy read, and you’ll love every moment. From the wonderful characters to the stunning lands Shannon Messenger paints for the readers, it will leave you eager to return to Sophie’s world, and luckily there are four more books!

-The only alert I can think of is maybe some minor violence, and some heavy experiences Sophie goes through.
-If you find any alerts, please leave a comment below!

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eAge (?)
10+ (Amz. Age: 8 – 12)
Fiction, Humor, Family, Friendship Fairy-tale, Fantasy
Shannon Messenger
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