Old Fashioned Girl

March 30, 2014 · 1 comment

What’s it about?
Polly is very excited to visit her friend Nancy in the “big” city but everything is different there than what she is used to. Polly is a sweet girl raised by kind, godly and simple parents. She was taught to be modest, kind, loving and everything that is good in a young woman. At first she is excited to go and stay at her friend’s house for a couple months, but when she and Nancy met they were in the country where Polly lives. Nancy’s world is much different from her own, and Polly must strive to honor God while still trying to fit in to this new place.

Emma’s Thoughts:
-It was very interesting how after the first quarter of the book, it skipped until years later, almost as if the first bit was a very long introduction.

Good things:
-If you like Alcott’s other famous book “Little Women” you will most likely enjoy “Old Fashioned Girl”.
-Polly is a good example of a godly young women. She was in the world, but not of it. Even though her friend was doing things she was not comfortable with, she respectfully did not take part. But she also had struggles and made mistakes like anyone else.

-I rated it at 11+ because much of the plot revolves around romance and courtship.
-Nancy and her friends do flirt in certain scenes.

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Fiction, Friendship, Historical Fiction, Humor
Louisa May Alcott
1st World Library – Literary Society (January 1, 2006)
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