What’s it about?
The spirited and daring Meryl and her younger sister, the shy and thoughtful Addie are the two young princesses of Bamarre. Meryl has always dreamed of going on an adventure, fighting dragons, scaling mountains and saving villages. On the other hand, Addie is content to live out her days quietly and peacefully in the castle. Despite their differences, the sisters love each other more then anything else. This love is proven when Meryl falls deathly ill and it is Addie who must leave the safety of their castle in search of a cure. She is in a race against time to find the cure and bring it back before Meryl is gone forever. Aided by a kind sorcerer, Addie does all that she can to save her beloved sister, but will it be enough?

Emma’s Thoughts:
-Gail Carson Levine is one of my favorite authors. She has written many other fairy tales which I have enjoyed, including Ella Enchanted, Fairest and A Tale of Two Castles
– *SPOILER ALERT* The ending is far from the cookie cutter fairy tale. Surprisingly, the end is bittersweet, which is not typical in fairytales about princesses, dragons and fairies. It was interesting reading a story like this with an unusual ending.

Good things:
-Addie and Meryl love each other so much, they are both willing to give up their lives for each other. They care for each other, look out for each other, and love each other more then anything else. An amazing and in our culture today, unusual, picture of sisterly love.

-There is not a lot of violence, however, in the final battle there is some description of the battle scene.
-“Specters” are creepy creatures that shape-shift and lure people to their deaths. They could be scary for younger readers.

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Fiction, Adventure, Fairy-Tale, Fantasy, Medieval, Dragons, Family, Princesses
Gail Carson Levine
HarperCollins; Sixth edition (March 1, 2001)
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