Anne of Green Gables

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What’s it about?
An elderly brother and sister send word to an orphanage asking for a boy to help on their farm. To their surprise, they get a girl instead. Thus starts the series about Anne, with an “e”; the imaginative girl who can’t help but change people’s lives. After years of moving from one miserable place to another, Anne finally finds a home in the small town of Avonlee on Prince Edward Island. Follow the sometimes comedic, sometimes tragic, life of Anne Shirley. You’ll learn of her triumphs and trials and how through it all she wins the hearts of almost everyone around her with her wit, her love and her incredible imagination.

Emma’s Thoughts:
-Along with Percy Jackson and the Olympians, and Dragon Slippers, Anne of Green Gables is my favorite book ever. I grew up with Anne, and the books will always be close to my heart. I love everything about this book. It’s definitely a beautiful classic that is well-worth reading (again and again).
-There are eight books in the series. Though the first three are my favorites, they are all amazing!

Good things:
-Though she has faults, I see Anne as a sort of realistic role-model. For one, she admits her faults and tries her very best to fix them. Anne always makes the best of every situation, never complaining. Though one of her faults is holding grudges, Anne usually tries to give people the benefit of the doubt, find the good in all people and love them despite their differences.

-Anne has a hot temper, and sometimes flies off the handle. Once or twice we hear Anne speak rudely to an adult. However, she usually apologizes afterword.
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Fiction, Family, Classics, Friendship, Historical Fiction, Humor, Romance
L.M. Montgomery
June 1908
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