The Selection

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What’s it about?
35 girls. 1 crown. The competition of a lifetime. America Singer thought she was happy. True, not everything in her life was perfect, but she believed she had all she needed. That is why when news of The Selection reached her town in Carolina she immediately refused to enter. She knew that The Selection was a chance for normal girls like her to win the heart of Ilea’s handsome prince, as well as the crown that came with him. Both of these things America had no interest in. But as fate, or America’s bossy mother, would have it, she finds herself in an expensive dress in a beautiful castle and absolutely miserable. America plans to enjoy the fancy food, then get out as quick as she can, but her mind changes when she runs into the contest’s prize himself: Prince Maxon, the kind photographer and future king, who begins to slowly charm his way into her stubborn heart.

Emma’s Thoughts:
-The premise of the book is very interesting- a sort of fairy-tale, but one that takes place in a semi-dystopian future. I’ve never really read anything like it before.

Good things:
-This book is a romance, so something I was very surprised at was the family part of it! Kiera Cass painted a beautiful (and realistic) picture of a family that wasn’t stereotypical of fairytales. It was a family that you could relate to and love. The Singer’s have their quarrels, but instead of finding it annoying, I think it just made it more realistic.
-Again, I know this book is a romance, and a fairly good one, but what really kept my attention was the politics! I know, I know. I’ve read plenty of romances with subplots but I think this was one of the best. The futuristic United States and how it came to be was fascinating, as well as the threats and mystery of the “Southern Rebels” constantly attacking the castle.

-There was some swearing used in intense situations in all three of the books. (Example: h**l d**n and a couple similar ones.)
-I recommend this books for young women ages 15+ because of some more mature storylines and conversations, as wells as frequent passionate making out, though this never goes beyond kissing.

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Fiction, Fairy-Tale, Princesses, Romance
Kiera Cass
HarperTeen (April 24, 2012)
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